Report & Qsl from Belgium of Hugo Matten

Hello Camping Radio crew

Thanks for the nice! QSL card I have received in answer for my reception report from June 28 2008 to Camping Radio
I'am really appreciated that !!

In attachement my own listeners QSL card and a picture from my listener shack .
You can find more pictures from my shack and antenne system on the site of Dutch Free Radio station Orion Radio:


However, I hope to tune in next time again to this special summer event station on "the good old short wave band"!!




New pirate camping location in Greece - amazing PELOPONNESE girls !!

This weekend in camping radio we will use a full wave dipole and 0,8 kw.
This place is a very good and beautiful !
This night i am going to be very well accompanied again by some beautiful girl, she says "i want to touch your microphone"

More info about this place :

municipality Lefktrou (province of Itilou) was founded in 1835 with its centre in Lefktra (Pirgos). In 1840 it joined the municipalities of Pefnou, Mileas, Thalamai, Poliani and Kastaneas.

The seal of the municipality was a round and its emblem of a «column with a bow hanging down and based on oak leaves» was encircled with the words: «Municipality of Lefktra». In 1848 the population of the municipality was 6624, in 1889 – 7098 and in 1907 – 6460. A resident of the municipality was called «Lefktrios».

The municipality of Kardamili (province of Itilos) was founded in 1835 and its centre was located in the village Kardamili (Skardamoula). In 1840 it joined the municipalities of Leptinia and Proastia.

The municiple seal was round, its emblem depicted «a neraid seated on a rock-cave observing the surroundings». The words round the emblem read: «Municipality of Kardamili». In 1848 was 3016, in 1879 – 3743 and in 1907 –3524. A resident of the municipality was called «Kardamilitis».

According to the last project «Ioannis Kapodistrias» there was found the Municipality Lefktra with its centre in Kardamili. Its area is 222.981 hectars and 5908 people live in its 19 regions (former communitis) and 43 villages


First dx-listeners reports and comments

Silveri Gomez

Dear sirs,
A big surprise for me to meet your station in my radio. This is to inform you that I have been able to listening your station. I like to listening free radios during the weekend and I use to collect qsl cards confirmining the reports. I don't know if you have issued some kind of confirmation. Here are the details of the report:
date 8-6-08 frequency: 6309,2 khz, UTC 1345-1403 sinpo 35443 the signal was fine but the noises and the fading increasing, till I must to leave the listening because the poor quality. My receiver is Kenwood R 2000 and I have a 10 m antenna on the roof. The place of listening is downtown, not problems from industrial noises, maybe from the tv sets around.
details of the program: this was the well know song: Que sera, sera; whatever will be, will be1346 the surprise listening your jingle and IDs,R Camping Int. Then SImplY Red: If you don't know me by now.. 1350 a ballad. then 1353 newly the ID jingles and more ballad. 1358 new ID. and greets to Alfa lima, Dr.tim. More ballad, and loosing the signal.... At 1403 I left the hearing
Well, if my report is correct I will be happy with some kind of qsl confirmation.
SOme information about your station is welcome, if isn't a secret. Security is the first, sure!
I look forward to listening from you.
Best regards from sunny Catalonia and till the next time
Take care!


Rick's pirate radio blog


6292 unid 07.28- 24332 E
6309,2 unid 19.24-, 20.01* 24332 mx


Hi holiday peobles, thanks for greet. to my person. I'm not 100% sure to the "background peobles" by CAMPING RADIO, but................ 99,9 %