First dx-listeners reports and comments

Silveri Gomez

Dear sirs,
A big surprise for me to meet your station in my radio. This is to inform you that I have been able to listening your station. I like to listening free radios during the weekend and I use to collect qsl cards confirmining the reports. I don't know if you have issued some kind of confirmation. Here are the details of the report:
date 8-6-08 frequency: 6309,2 khz, UTC 1345-1403 sinpo 35443 the signal was fine but the noises and the fading increasing, till I must to leave the listening because the poor quality. My receiver is Kenwood R 2000 and I have a 10 m antenna on the roof. The place of listening is downtown, not problems from industrial noises, maybe from the tv sets around.
details of the program: this was the well know song: Que sera, sera; whatever will be, will be1346 the surprise listening your jingle and IDs,R Camping Int. Then SImplY Red: If you don't know me by now.. 1350 a ballad. then 1353 newly the ID jingles and more ballad. 1358 new ID. and greets to Alfa lima, Dr.tim. More ballad, and loosing the signal.... At 1403 I left the hearing
Well, if my report is correct I will be happy with some kind of qsl confirmation.
SOme information about your station is welcome, if isn't a secret. Security is the first, sure!
I look forward to listening from you.
Best regards from sunny Catalonia and till the next time
Take care!


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6292 unid 07.28- 24332 E
6309,2 unid 19.24-, 20.01* 24332 mx


Hi holiday peobles, thanks for greet. to my person. I'm not 100% sure to the "background peobles" by CAMPING RADIO, but................ 99,9 %


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